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The prospects of development of production of microalgal biomass
Current state of research and development in the area of cultivation of microalgal biomass
Vortex aquareactors
Floating vortex aquareactors

Floating vortex aquareactors

A modification of the floating vortex aquareactor was also developed.
The design of the floating vortex aquareactor provides buoyancy of the aquareactor in both fresh and salt water, and the rigidity of the body when soft materials are used.
Floating vortex aquareactors allow:
- the use of cheap polymeric films for manufacture of large apparatuses because it does not require high rigidity of the body associated with the liquid pressure within the volume
- the use of environmental water as culture fluid base at microalgae growth
- maintaining the required temperature in the apparatus independent of possible
drops in the daytime and during the night.

This modification can be required for the cultivation of microalgae directly at sewage disposal plants, water reservoirs of enterprises with massive 2 release (thermal power plants, biotechnological microbiological enterprises, etc.).
The location of systems of floating vortex aquareactors in bays of coastal megapolises will improve the environmental situation thus solving the problem of large-scale and low-cost production of microalgal biomass to derive products in demand.

The use of vortex aquareactors (including floating ones) is a promising trend in solving the task of cost-beneficial large-scale production of microalgal biomasss to produce biofuel, protein and other products.  

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