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The prospects of development of production of microalgal biomass
Current state of research and development in the area of cultivation of microalgal biomass
Vortex aquareactors
Floating vortex aquareactors

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JSC «Algal Technologies» was founded by the authors and developers of apparatuses with an entirely new vortex method of stirring (gas-vortex bioreactors “Biok” and “Tornado”) as a result of the separation of this trend from JSC “The Center of Vortex Technologies”.
The Company’s mission.

The development and broad application of vortex aquareactors and a cost-effective technology for production of microalgal biomass for manufacture of biofuel, protein and other products.

1 Tekhnoparkovaya Str., Koltsovo, Novosibirsk region, 630559
Tel +7 (383) 3061596
Email: microbiotex@mail.ru
Site: www.algaereactor.ru
Director Ramazanov Yuri Akhmetovich  

Ňĺë +7 (383) 3061596
Email: microbiotex@mail.ru